Thursday, May 21, 2009

Laurel Hill Cemetery

These Mervine graves were in close proximity of the graves of Charles & Mary (Mervine) Schroeder and John & Marie (Schroeder) Weleski. I wonder why I never noticed this before.

View of the Mervine Graves.

Visiting the grave of my grandparents John & Marie (Schroeder) Weleski with my grandchildren Nikolas and Ava Marie.
The stone on the left is that of Charles & Mary (Mervine) Schroeder along with their 13 yr old son Earl. The stone to the right (where Ava Marie & I are at) is that of John & Marie (Schroeder) Weleski. I hope one day my own granddaughter appreciates the history of her ancestors.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Laurel Hill

We did some genealogy for the first time in months over at Laurel Hill Cemetery and what a difference a few months can make. Not only did I find Mervines interred close to the graves of my Great grandparents Charles & Mary Mervine Schroeder and my grandparents John & Marie Schroeder Weleski, but over at the terrace on the back of the North cemetery, which overlooks the river did I notice Harry Kalas's grave and some major overall improvements on the cemetery grounds. Gone are over grown trees and bushes. Part of the ugly chain link fence that was installed in the 70's to keep vandals out has been replaced with fencing that is more appealing to the eye and does not block the view of the East (Kelly) Drive and River below.

I had forgotten how peaceful it was to walk its 90 something acres. I had forgotten how serene and beautiful its architecture
and how empowering its history could be.

My life has been crazy busy lately with work, school and family that I had not had much time for what truly brings me peace and serenity and that is genealogy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I received a comment on an earlier post I wrote and I hope the gentleman who wrote it contacts me by personal email because I would really like to speak with him about Mt. Vernon since some of my relatives from County Mayo were grave diggers at the cemetery. Here is the comment left to me today.

"Cool Site...I was fascinated to see the list of pastors of St. Bridget's. My great, grandparents were married there in 1889, by the Rev. William Walsh, who was a cousin to the family.Of interest, my great grandfather worked in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, located at the corner of Ridge & Lehigh Ave., adjacent to Laurel Hill Cemetery. His son, my grandfather, served as the caretaker for the cemetery for more than 30 years living in the home on the grounds. Over those years, he hired countless Irish immigrants, many living in the work bunker until they had enough money to rent or buy their first home in America. Most of those men were from the eastern part of County Mayo, or western Sligo...the portion that was eventually transferred to Mayo in 1898.I intend to read your site cover to cover as time permits. Thanks for making it public.All the Best...Bill H. (Rydal, PA)"

Sunday, May 03, 2009