Sunday, August 09, 2015

Integrity and Honesty

I have had my second cup of coffee on this early Sunday morning as I get ready to go to work. It is my weekend to be the onsite counselor and to teach classes in the Addicted Brain as well as Family education. The weekends can be exhausting as there is so much to do. I never minded working hard as I believe it is in my nature to do so and I do not mind the weekends so much as we (counselors) take turns rotating as the onsite counselor on the weekend responsible for every other counselor's patients in the event of crisis. There is much to be said for loving your profession no matter how taxing. This weekend I have been training a newly hired counselor. Since I am the one who developed the Family education program as well as the senior counselor, I generally train the newly hired counselors. I am a "rule follower" and very "organized" so I guess that helps as well.

Anyway, I like this new counselor. Naimah seems authentically sweet and kind hearted. I think I am a good judge of character and have the ability to conceptualize a person. I believe that is one reason I am a good therapist. I look beyond the surface of a person. Naimah seems to be a person of integrity and God knows we need more people in this world of integrity. There are so many dishonest people in the world who lack integrity and the sad thing is those same people think that others around them do not recognize that dishonesty. As far myself, I do not confront the dishonesty anymore as I believe it is a waste of my energy and my energy is sacred to me these days. I still believe most people are good however miss-directed they maybe on their journey in life. People are dishonest in a variety of ways be it a direct bold lie-in-the-face or an avoidance of following through.

I am unsure why I am thinking of integrity this morning. Maybe it is because of the political nonsense currently in the news or maybe it is my own experiences that I have lived through. I really do not know.

Let this be a Sunday of personal honesty and integrity.

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