Saturday, April 15, 2017


That first sip of coffee. Nothing can describe the pleasure. I am the counselor on site this weekend so I am up early (after another restless night's sleep) and I decided to reread my post from yesterday and two things stood out to me. First, I miss-spelled some words (where was my head at), Second, I could not decide if I sounded as if I was trying to place my thoughts onto paper or felt sorry for myself. I do not believe I feel sorry for myself.  However, I do believe I need to make sense out of the way I feel. One other thing I need to point out is I did not mean that I thought my youngest son was doing the best. What I meant was it was ironic that he is the son I least worry about now.

Back to that coffee. It really tastes delicious. Not only did my husband make the coffee but he brought a cup to me in bed. He is the best!  Since I am working this weekend, I was off Good Friday and what better way to spend a day off than to go to the Elmwood Zoo. This was Aubree's second trip to this particular Zoo however it was the first time she was old enough to be able to enjoy it fully. I will never get tired of experiencing life through the eyes of a small child. I have taken Shaun, Nikolas and Ava to this Zoo on several occasions when they were little and they loved it just as much. It seems I am following the same path taking Aubree to places that I once took the other grandchildren when they were little. Photos to follow at a later time.

And Finally, Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandpop. My grandfather William Joseph Gallagher was born April 15, 1906 and died November 27, 1980.

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