Sunday, June 04, 2017

What Kind of Fuckery is This Aging Thing?

I have never felt as ancient as I do now struggling with chronic lower back pain. The pain has been crippling as it prevents me from bending, sleeping, getting up out of bed or chair, walk or stand for any length of time. I have had issues with my back in the past but nothing like this. I am used to being very active and everything has been an effort lately. We took our granddaughter to the mall Friday night and by the time I left the mall I was practically limping to the car. We took a walk down Valley Green on Saturday to feed the ducks and Bill had to go get the car because I could not make it back up the trail after we fed the ducks. At the outdoor café, I had to get up several times out of the seat to move. Training last Friday at work was no better as I found myself getting up to stand. The pain travels down the right buttocks and right leg. Bringing the right leg up and over my left thigh relieves some of the nerve pain. This is miserable. We are moving in two weeks and I have to sit on the sofa to wrap breakables in bubble wrap then take breaks in-between. It will take me forever to pack at such a snail's pace. I tell myself to push through the pain while Bill tells me I have to rest my back in order for the inflammation to resolve itself. Who has time to rest? Who has patience to rest? Motrin does not work and I will never take anything stronger. I have seen too much damage to what opiates do to people and where it could potentially lead. I am as stubborn as I am without patience.

Regardless, I had a wonderful weekend spoiling my granddaughter.

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