Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year In Pictures "2008"











Happy Happy New Year

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Morning

You can learn a lot just sitting by and watching a small child play. Ava is eighteen months old and brilliant. Yes, I know she is my granddaughter, therefore I will think this.

She has named all her babies. She has lined all these babies up on the sofa. In the mist of all this she noticed one of her babies missing. (The one she sleeps with each night while here) I had to go upstairs, and retrieve this "missing in action" baby and give it to her to set up amongst the others.

Anyway, Ava has given her babies the following names; Bunny, Abby, Melody, Ruby and her very favorite baby, Sissy. What amazes me is the fact she calls each and every one of these babies by their appropriate names, and if one is missing, she wants me to find it. When I get my camera I will take a picture of these babies and post it. By the way, Aunt Trish & Uncle Shaun gave Ava a princess pillow and blanket set, and Ava now cannot part with it. As a matter of fact, if Ava is not walking around with it on her head as in the "Virgin Mary" look, she has the blanket covering all her babies on the sofa.

In addition to her babies, Ava loves the kitchen, Santa brought for her. She constantly reports that she is "cooking dinner". At this moment, she is sitting on the floor opening the oven and dishwasher part of the kitchen and sticking her toys in it.

I know many of you probably are thinking why is she writing about all this. Because I am the Mom Mom, and she is my precious granddaughter, and I think everything she does is simply amazing, besides I love watching her use her imagination. I also truly believe she is pretty smart for her age. She speaks two word sentences clearly. She knows her colors. And she has a fantastic memory. Say something once and she will bring it up again next week.

Then there is the part where she refuses to play in the living room without the Christmas Tree lights on.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

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