Monday, September 26, 2016

Girls Weekend Day Three "Wedding Day"

Prepping In Mt Vernon

Brook and Sean marry at St. John's Catholic Church in Mt Vernon

 Three sets of sisters

 Mary and Kevin
IBEW Reception Hall in Cedar Rapids

Dylan, Maryanne, Rita, Kyle, Lorie, Terresia, Derrick, Chrissy, Marianne, Brook, Nick, Nicole, Pat Sean (All cousins)

 Jolene, Mike
 Chrissy, Jim, Nicole
 Chrissy, Lorie

Sean and Brook's Rehearsal Dinner at the Farm

Farm Buildings

Party at Carol and Terry's Farm House

Dylan and Jim
Lorie, Chrissy, Nicole
The groom stands 6 feet 8 inches.

Carol and her granddaughter
 Lorie, Chrissy, Nicole
 Marianne, Carol, Jim, Pat, Kevin
 Jim, Marianne, Kevin, Rita, Pat, Maryanne, Carol
 Derrick and his daughter
 Nicole, Marianne, Mary, Pat, Chrissy
 Terry, Carol, Marianne, Kevin, Rita
 Marianne, Pat
 Brook and Sean

Girls Weekend Day Two

Mt Vernon Iowa

Rita and Maryanne
Chrissy, Nicole, Pat, Marianne

Amana Colonies, Iowa
Three sets of sisters

Seven Sisters Highway