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Atlantis in the Bahamas

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Marina at Atlantis

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Yeah, This Is Me

Bahamas Vacation Part II

While on this trip, I did some reflecting about my own behaviors, and what I really wanted to work on as far as self-improvement. Self-approval and perfectionism are just two behaviors I have struggled with for most of my life. When I decide to do something, I give it my all and then some. It is the then some that gets me in trouble. I have made a conscious effort to do my best and let the perfect Pat go. It requires too much energy to be perfect and in all reality, I am human. Therefore, I cannot be perfect. Second, I have allowed the negative attitudes of others affect me. Buttons have been pushed and the end result is I am stressed to the max. I have come to realize, I cannot control how another thinks, feels or acts. I have to let go of the control and allow others to live their own lives. (my children) If they make mistakes, they are their mistakes and not mine. Their responsibilities are their responsibilities. This will take a lot of daily mindful work and I expect to slip every now and about because "hey" I am not perfect.

Another thing I realized was how much I really do love my husband, and it is my husband whom I want to be with for the rest of my life. He has tolerated many of my moods and up to this point, I have allowed other things to get in the way of just being happy and content with him. I need to cherish and care for him the way he has cherished and cared for me. Although, it is said a marriage should be 50-50, in all reality, marriage can be 70-30 or 20-80 at times and that is OK. I appreciate him more today and though I may have made mistakes in my life. I believe that where we are today is exactly where we are suppose to be at.

What I do not want is to grow older and look back on life with a lot of regrets. Happiness does not occur from the external world, but happiness does occur internally. Happiness is an inside job. If one is looking for happiness on the outside, one will never find it. If I am to love myself, I will need to be mindful of my physical, mental and spiritual health. Staying grounded and being grateful for what I have in my life will keep me centered. Enough already......

Spending time with my grandson was a magical experience. Experiencing the dolphin swim through his young eyes is a memory I hope we both take with us for many years to come. On the last night of our trip, the staff of the resturant came out and sang Shaun happy birthday. I cannot describe in words the happiness and joy, I felt watching the surprise and excitement in his eyes. I want to create memories for my grandchildren just as my grandparents created memories for me. I hope one day, they look back and say, 'hey, I remember doing that with my grandmom".

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Vacation Part I

We arrived at the airport to discover our flight had been delayed due to a malfunction on the aircraft. We were reassigned to a newer smaller plane. However, that meant 15 people had to be bumped off the flight. Out of the 13 of us, my sister was bumped off the flight and the rest of us had to get back in line for new seat assignments. In the meantime, the airline managed to get a bigger plane. Therefore, no one was bumped. I guess it was cheaper for the airline to find a bigger plane, than for them to pay 15 people 450 dollars cash. All in all, we managed to get to the Bahamas before 2p, which left us part of the day to enjoy ourselves.We flew down the East coast until we got to Paris Island, South Carolina, before the plane turned out toward the ocean. Shaun occupied himself with a new Xbox magazine, while I read a newspaper and a magazine myself. I purchased a novel, but did not read it until the third day of our vacation. My sister sat next to us and for a time she switched seats with my mother. The woman who sat in front of Marianne had her seat pushed back so far it left her with little leg room. That was evident when my mother went to sit down and spilled her water water down the woman's back.When we arrived in the Bahamas and made our way through customs, I noticed how small the airport was. I also noticed it was not air conditioned. We boarded a hotel bus,and made the trip out to Paradise Island. The next thing I noticed was the driver drove on the opposite side of the road. We drive on the right. Bahamians drive on the left. They also have no problem scaring the shit out of us with their creative driving skills. The hotel was beautiful. We stayed in the Royal Towers at the Atlantis. The resort at Atlantis is so large that it is a city in of itself. We had four rooms on the 4th floor of the East Tower. My room overlooked the pools, fish ponds and ocean. Right below us were the Sting Rays, which gracefully swam following each other. In the evenings, the Sting Rays became more active swimming to the surface, splashing in and out of the waters. The resort has many fish including a shark tank. There is a water slide that takes a person underneath that tank, of course after traveling at a high speed through the dark with many twists and turns. There is a mayan Temple and an underground dig site. Shaun was not too fond of the underground dig site, but enjoyed the gift shop at its end.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a fear of heights. I decided to face some of those fears on this vacation. I forced myself to look out the window each time the plane took off. I also went down two water slides, which in the past I would have never attempted. Of course, if it were not for the persistence of my sister, I doubt I would have gone down those slides. Let's just say, it was a good thing, my grandson went down on his own before us, else he would have learned that day, his grandmother had a goodgrasp of the mother F***** word. I said it all the way down to the bottom. What I was not afraid of was the lazy river.

However, lazy was not a proper term when referring to this river with its rapids and waves. But it was a ton of fun.

The food was delicious at all three locations where we chose to eat. The fruits and veggies were fresh and delicious. I can alsovouch for the frozen drinks, several I tried. They were delicious. Especially that blue party drink, I have no idea what it was called only that it was delicious.

The resort had a marketplace with several high end shops and a marina filled with the largest yachts, I have ever seen in my life. There was a casino, lagoon, several pools, water falls. The place was certainly a paradise. Of course, it did not feel like paradise when my grandson decided to venture out on his own not five mins into check in. HereI am in a different country with a child who was not my own and I lose him. I cannot describe the panic as Iwalked what felt like miles in the blazing heat with the entire security department on walkie talkies looking for an almost nine year old boy only to discover him sitting contently having lunch with my sister at one of the resorts several pools and tiki bars. His description; a nine year old boy with short hair, white T-shirt, blue nike shorts with a face full of freckles. I would be lying if I told you he followed the rules and never took off again for the remainer of the trip. Truth be told, he probably knew the grounds of the resort better than I knew them. He knew where every pool, water slide and snack shop was located. He knew how to get to the room and use a key card. He walked fast, talked even faster. He also knew how to get the Bahamian staff to do his biding. I have no doubt that this kid will navigate through life just fine. He is a pint size version of his father. He also needs a cow bell when on vacation just so he can be located.

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