Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Merrick Family

J. Vaughn and Sophia Merrick, parishioners of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, donated $10,000 to establish St. Timothy's Hospital and House of Mercy to care for the people of the Roxborough area. St Timothy's Hospital is known today as Roxborough Memorial Hospital. It is where my siblings & I were born along with my uncles on the maternal side of the family; William, John & Coll Eugene Gallagher. The land where my house was built was once part of the Merrick Estate. The Merrick family along with other relatives are interred in the church yard cemetery at St. Timothy's Church located across from the hospital on Ridge Avenue.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Roxborough Hospital

Built in 1890 by money donated by the Merrick Family, the hospital was first known as St. Timothy's Hospital, before its name was changed to Roxborough.
This is the old part of the hospital.

This is the new part of the hospital.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Gang Is All Here For Mom's 70th Birthday Celebration

Bill (my hubby & Mom's godson), Jerry (Bill's Dad), Mom
Trish and Shaun
Nicole, Sophia, Mom
Jerry, Joe (Chrissy's husband), Justin, Frankie, Danielle (Frankie's wife)
Uncle frank, Trish, Frankie, Danny, Chrissy, Kids sitting are Oliver (neighbor's kid), Matthieu, Shaun, Grace
Jerry, Josh, Mom
Jackie and Ava
These two little sweeties are Ava and Sophia.
Chrissy, Ava, Shaun
Frankie, Danielle, Nicole holding Sophia, Marianne
John, Oliver, Matthieu, Shaun, Grace, Nikolas
Mom, Marianne, Dad, Joe Henry (Dad's lap), Uncle Frank, John, Oliver, Matthieu, Shaun, Grace, Nikolas. This picture captures the love my mother has for her grandchildren/great grandchildren as she looks at them from across the table.

Birthday cake compliments of chrissy.
Ava (my baby doll)
Left to right; Shaun, Jerry, Marianne, Sophia, Gregory, mom, Nicole, Ava, Trish
Mom holding Ava. Nicole holding Sophia.

View From Top Of LightHouse Overlooking Barnegat

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Out Of The Mouth Of Nikolas

1. Good morning flowers. (His announcement to the flowers on the way to school one morning)

2. It is time to wake up when the moon sets. (Spoken when he got up before dawn one morning and Bill told him it was not time to get up)

3. You are too big to get into the wagon. When you get smaller you can get in. (Said to my slightly over-weight next door neighbor when she asked Nikolas if she could get a ride in his wagon)

View From The Deck At The Manayunk Brewery

Random Kid Shots

Wagon Train

Fairmount Park At BoatHouse Row Off Kelly (East) River Drive