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I felt much better yesterday. I had a long talk with two of my sons and set up a trust for my granddaughter, so that she receive support every other week automatically from the bank. It is a fourteen year commitment on her grandparents part, but a necessary one due to not receiving support from her father. It made me feel productive and gave me a reason to get up in the morning to go to work. I do not want her to due without because she is now in a one parent house or better said, being raised by one parent. I still offer to have her on any weekends that are needed or wanted. She has her room here and her cats. I guess I want things to be as normal as normal can be in this situation. I love her dearly. Enough.

I have been uploading some of my favorite pictures. Sometimes you do not need words to tell a story, because the pictures say a thousand stories. It is also a cheerful pleasant activity for me. I also can log onto the site at anytime and show my grandchildren. Ava loves to look at photos. Truth be told, I do not spend as much time with my grandsons these days due to their own activities. It warms my heart that they have two good loving parents whom are involved in their lives and keep them active. This weekend they went to the shore with friends from their neighborhood. How great is that? They left the city a year ago and made great friends whom they actually do fun things with. As a mom and grandmom, it warms my heart.

Thursday, June 16, 2011