Friday, February 21, 2014

This and alittle of That

Spent my birthday in Gettysburg. It snowed. Again. Then. Again.

My granddaughter finally received her Christmas presents with her Valentine present.

Completed 3 out of 5 classes on Trauma Informed Practice at Bryn Mawr College.

Snow. Ice. Thunder. Lightning. Rain. Tornado Watch?

Ireland is less than 2months away. Made reservations for a 4th of July weekend in Gettysburg to take the grandpoles to experience re-enactments. Made reservations to spend a week in the mountains of TN in October.

New roof on the house.

Still need a new washer/dryer and a repair on the stove.

Thinking about filing taxes. Still thinking.

Decided to forgive my brother as my own gift to self for my birthday.

Stress Eating. Weight Gain. Workout. Weight Loss.

Someone I knew since a child. Severe Ongoing Depression. Suicide.

Life is Complex.

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