Thursday, March 20, 2014

Part II of Articles Found on my Cousin who was killed in Vietnam.


From a native Philadelphian and Marine,
 Jim McIlhenney

12 Nov 2004

Chuck was loved and remembered by my oldest sister Nancy Dwyer. She never forgot and talked and thought of him daily until her recent death (Oct 2004). Chuck was life long friends with my older sister. We had a neighbor (Frank Pennetti) from East Falls also killed that I knew. Whenever my sister and I remembered Frankie she always told me to include Chuck Walsh, about him and never to forget or under- appreciate the life he lost so others may live.
This is my letter of gratitude for the sacrifice taken from you, your family and friends. He did not die in vain fighting for the oppressed, weaker or smaller of us. I was seven years old when he died. His sacrifice kept younger boys like myself from having to go to war later in history. He will not be forgotten by the generations that followed.
Patrick Michael Dwyer
 US Navy Submarine Service 1982-1988

A Note from The Virtual Wall

 L.Cpl. Francis Pennetti of Philadelphia, mentioned above, was assigned to Kilo Company, 3/26 Marines. He and Pfc Kenneth V. Goodman of Stewart, Minnesota, were killed in action on 24 Jan 1968.
A childhood Friend from St Bridget's

Posted on 11/24/10 - by Mike Solon, F4-J79 Manager, USAF (Ret-1989)  Charles was there for people even before he entered the Military so it was no surprise to learn the branch he choose. They say the real good ones go before the rest of us, I would say that is true without reservation in this case. I don't often travel to Washington but when I'm there I always visit Charles's place on the Wall although many would prefer he was still here in the flesh as the World would be a better place if it was filled with people like Charles. Many names I may forget as I get older (1948 also) but Charles Walsh will never stray far from my memory. On this Thanksgiving day in 2010 I continue to remember this special person and keep his photo on my computer hard drive...

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