Friday, April 25, 2014


 We did not have a bad meal in the entire time we were in Ireland. Everything is home grown, no preservatives or chemicals and simply delicious.
Easter Dinner consisted of Turkey & Ham, Mashed potatoes, Boiled potatoes,Mashed carrots and turnips, cabbage. (Ballina)
Chicken Wings with a side order of pepper dipping sauce and a bowl of water & lemon to wipe your fingers. (Dublin)
 Irish Beef Stew (Dublin)
 Apple Pie, Apple Tarts, Apple Crumble are very popular and extremely tasty. Pie comes with ice cream and custard. (Donegal)
 Yes. Guinness tastes better in Ireland. (Dublin)
Fish & Chips with Mashed Peas. (Donegal)
 Irish Beef Stew (Donegal)

Fresh Fruit, Brown Toast, Granola with Fresh Berries and of course Coffee. (Donegal)
Prawns with Creamy Potatoes (Potato salad), Green salad and Cole Slaw. (Westport)
Cole Slaw, Salmon & Crab Cakes with a Mango sauce, creamy potatoes, Green Salad. (Westport)
 Speaks for itself. (Dublin)
Have you ever tasted organic carrot cake with a raspberry sauce? Yummy! (Dublin)

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