Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Irish Learnings

Round abouts are circles.

Very few traffic lights because there are hundreds of round abouts.

Irish drive fast.

Very Fast.

And do not yield for anyone.

Even Americans trying to drive on the left in the right side of the car navigating speed limits in the metric system.

Petrol is gas or diesel.

Our rental car runs on diesel and gets excellent mileage.

Which is half the cost of the USA and that is after calculating Euros and dollars.

Ramps are speed bumps.

Donegal is absolutely magical, beautiful and breath taking with its farms, villages, cliffs, mountains and beaches.

The water is sky blue.

And clean.

Donegal is a clean town.

Police do not carry guns.

Crime rate is very low.

"To Let" means "To Lease".

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