Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Journey. My Opinion. My Site.

My Journey

Every morning I go into the closet and get a pair of shoes. I place the shoes on my feet then I walk the walk known as my life, therefore my journey. Funny thing about shoes, they come in all sizes because one size does not fit all. If the shoes do not fit, how can one walk in them? If one cannot  walk the walk in someone's shoes, then how would one walk their journey?

My Opinion

Opinions are not right or wrong because they are just that "Opinions". Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and feelings. Feelings are valid whether they are right or wrong.

My Site

Did you notice the "My" in the title? It does not say "Our" or "We" therefore if there is something on this site that stirs up a different opinion than the one stated? Well? There are choices. Sometimes one must "think" before one "speaks" and if one "thinks" then "speaks" perhaps one needs to take a closer look at "their" side of the street. Choice. A powerful word. My choice is to state my opinion about my journey because it is my site. What a concept! No one is forced to read this site. It is a choice. So let me express one more opinion because it is my journey on my site. If one feels it necessary to enter this site to gain knowledge as to report, complain, bitch, whatever, one might think about cleaning their side of the street before one speaks. My Opinion about my journey on my site will not be silenced.

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