Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Genealogist Records Everything

Just came in from my morning bike ride. I love riding the bike at the shore. Everyone is so friendly in the neighborhood and we wave to say "hello". I thought I could get the boys to ride with me however they like to sleep in so I went off on my own.

Meanwhile last night we had family time;

This morning someone fell asleep on the floor instead of his bed upstairs.

Shore house supplies when the grandpoles come to visit.

I believe my Dad placed these cuties in my garden when I was away.

Last week pictures;

And a visitor at work.

Table by the door.

Pictures of my grandchildren as babies, picture of my parents, trusty old lamp, a basket to throw my mail and keys and a portrait of a girl which was a gift from my Mom because she said it resembled my granddaughter.

What's in your China Cabinet?

Prayer of Our Lady of Knock purchased in Knock, Ireland.

 Millennium Lenox Angel which was a gift from my parents Christmas 1999. The cross hanging from the angel was found in an antique shop in Gettysburg.

Crystal rosary beads from Ireland.

 I call this my "Ava" corner. These were things she took out of the china cabinet and played with. The blue glass shoe on the left used to be my grandmother's Anna Marie McCaffery Gallagher). I bought that blue glass shoe and gave it to my grandmother when I was a child. It became mine when she died in 1990 and I will cherish it forever.

 I was left my maternal grand mom's (Anna Marie McCaffery Gallagher) china as well. The bronze stature was from my grand mom's casket. Her casket had these statures on all four corners.

The Lenox angel was a gift from a friend. The silver goblets are from my wedding. The Lenox glasses were purchased by me. The music box was a gift I bought for my granddaughter "Ava" which I will hold onto until she is older. It plays "You are my sunshine", a song Bill sang to her often as a baby as he rocked her in his arms.

Our Lady of Knock was given to me by a friend many years ago.

The things that hang on the wall surrounding the China Cabinet.

 A painting of my paternal grandmother in 1933. She was 27 years old. Her name was Marie Schroeder Weleski and she was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1906. She would never grow old as she died shortly after giving birth in 1945 at the age of 38 years old. I am really glad this painting was handed down to me.

I purchased this painting in a portrait gallery in New Hope.

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