Thursday, July 03, 2014

Curio Cabinet

What's in your curio cabinet? I can tell what is in my 19th century curio cabinet that stands freely in my living room. An original Raggedy Ann Doll similar to the one I had as a small child with hand sown button eyes. There are two genealogy mugs with the names Gallagher & Boland. A copy of the book from the author who purchased the rights for one of Bill's photographs he took in Jamestown, Va. A hand print of my grandson Shaun's hands when he was two years old. The Nativity scene which sits on a wood base and is made of ceramic. Plates my sons gave me for mother's day when they were children. Three martini glasses from a yard sale.  Hand made cards from my granddaughter Ava. A candle wrapped in red colored Christmas cloth from my grandson Nikolas. A set of glass candle sticks from my brother Artie. A 50th anniversary frame from my grandparents 50th anniversary in 1978 and a 50th anniversary candle holder and photograph book from my own parents' 50th anniversary from 2013. A piece of china in the form of a serving plate. A Dianna & Charles marriage mug from 1981. Mother's Day cards from my sons Joe, Josh & Shaun. A wedding beer mug from a wedding my son Joe was in 2006 engraved with his name in silver. One wine glass from a good friend decorated in pink flowers and several snowmen standing on top of one another with the names of my three sons and three grandchildren.

What sits on top? A picture of my grandson Nikolas, one small Tiffany candle lamp, a Hurricane lamp with a white shade and brass base, a 2003 picture of my three sons Shaun & Josh in tuxes and Joe in Navy suit complete with sailor hat.

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