Sunday, October 19, 2014

Phase One Complete

Anyway, the house plants have been transported from the shore house to the Plymouth Meeting house and now the living room looks like a jungle. I think I am going to have to put some of these plants in the spare bedroom until next spring. I cleaned out the food from freezer and the cabinets and now it looks as if I went grocery shopping here in Plymouth because we brought that food home. I still have to clean out the refrigerator at the shore house and that will be next weekend's project. Most of the linens were transported so I can wash them up this week after work and return them for storage next weekend. Checks were written out for the winterizing and awning removal for the winter months.

My sister and I went into the town of Cape May for massages then to Aleathea's for a wonderful breakfast. It was our last sisterly shore adventure for the season as she will not be down next weekend because she will be on a cruise in the Caribbean with friends.

I just completed a book "Fortune's Children, The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt". It was an excellent book and I really enjoyed reading it as I was already familiar with the houses and characters since we just went to Newport. I read another book "The Vanderbilt s" prior to "Fortune's Children" which was a basic overview of the family origins. This afternoon I started a new book called "Outlander". Outlander has 45 chapters so I expect it to take a little while longer (read the last two in a week) to read unless I do nothing else (work, clean, ect) except read which is about as realistic as pigs flying.

I really should get back to the jungle (living room) and come up with a plan for the plants. (Maybe, they should board at my parents' house for the winter)

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