Thursday, October 30, 2014


I accomplished a lot of cleaning today. I am the onsite counselor this weekend so I had off from work today and instead of relaxing I started cleaning and organizing the closets in bedroom #1, stripped sheets washed comforters scrubbed bathroom #1 then headed to the living and dining rooms where I dusted and vacuumed.  In the end I have three skirt suits and nearly two dozen pairs of shoes to donate. I started the kitchen however I did not finish the kitchen. I did make a delicious roasted pork with sauerkraut. It was very tasty. I do not cook often but when I do I do it well. Hopefully, my over ambitious desire to kick ass today in the wifely domestic duties does not backfire into exhaustion as I will be working the next five days without a another day off. And when I work it is never an eight hour day. Last night, I did not leave work until after 730p as I had a 530p class to teach. Being the onsite weekend counselor = being responsible for up to 67 patients in addition to teaching a Saturday afternoon class to the visiting families. On a good note, I only have to be the onsite weekend counselor every 8th weekend and I really enjoy teaching. Twelve years and four months to retirement. I plan to retire at 67 though I am sure I will work a part time job thereafter until I can no longer work.

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