Friday, February 20, 2015

Daily Living and Everything Else

I worked late teaching a class Wednesday night followed by an all day training yesterday and today I am exhausted and I mean really exhausted. I am the counselor on site this weekend therefore I am home today and the plan was to clean this place however I do not feel like lifting one single finger. I had one cup of coffee and I am ready for a second cup. I know when I hit exhaustion when I do not wake up until 8am when I am generally up at 5a everyday.

The training was on Gender differences and Trauma. Over the last year or so I have been concentrating on trauma and practice trauma Informed Care with my patients because let's face it substance use and abuse is directly correlating with trauma. There were a few things I learned yesterday that were of interest. A female who is in and out of treatment and cannot maintain sobriety is directly correlated to the trauma and abuse in her life whether past or present. Gender identification occurs between the ages of three years old and five years old. The most difficult populations to work with are those who are borderline, antisocial and have trauma. Most females who are diagnosed as bipolar as actually borderline. Everything is subjective though so one must treat each person as an individual which I do anyway. I enjoyed the training as it was through Drexel University School of Medicine and since I graduated from Drexel University School of Medicine and I enjoyed being at one of their trainings. In my field and in order to keep my license to practice I must have 45 educational credits every two years. I just renewed my license so I am good until 2017. In addition, my employer mandates 25 educational credits per year so I found myself in classrooms and conferences constantly. Yesterday's training was 5 credit hours and I took a few online classes last week so I am almost half way there for 2015.

now on to that second cup of coffee and hopefully it motivates me.

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