Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Ava

Dear Ava,

Today you became eight years old. I cannot believe how fast the time has went by. I remember the night that you were born and today as you celebrate another birthday I have had you in my thoughts all day. I was happy to talk to you this morning before you left the house and went off to school. Your voice remains the same. Your personality remains light and  filled with the excitement and wonder of a child knowing there will be a birthday cake to eat and gifts to open. In my mind you are three years old wearing a blue Cinderella dress and being sung to by your cousins Shaun & Nikolas. Remember when Nikolas blew out your candles so we sang all over again to you so you could blow out your own candles. I remember you stood upon the chair as I had my arms around you. Shaun was to your left and Nikolas was to your right. Pop Pop Bill recorded the Birthday Song. Do you remember how shy you were and how you placed your face in my shoulder?

Gifts will be arriving to you this week. Expect to receive Barbie and her sisters complete with ponies. Barbie has three little sisters and everyone has their own pony. Expect to receive a Birthday Barbie with the other Barbie's.  Expect to receive a fashion closet filled with Barbie clothes. All these items are from your Daddy. Expect to receive a birthday card with money from me and Pop Pop Bill. I am also going to take you out for a pedicure. I am just waiting for your Mom to check your schedule with a date. I was told Uncle Josh sent you a card from Aubree with a picture. I hope the rest of the family remembers your birthday as well.

Ava, I love you very much. I keep you in my heart. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Mom Mom

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