Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nikolas's Birthday Weekend

We spent the past weekend celebrating Nikolas's birthday in the mountains at our usual spot "The Woodlands".  I was happy to see Nikolas is a reader. Despite Nikolas bringing his I-Pad, I spotted him reading a book in bed. 

Out of everything Nikolas could have chosen for his birthday gift, this is what he chose.
Yes. The mask talks.

We love traveling with the grandkids.
We really do enjoy ourselves and the kids always have a lot of fun.

We explored Boulder Field.

If you have not realized it yet, Nikolas is totally fond of "Star Wars". Here he is sporting his Darth Vader sweat shirt and the hood turns into a mask.

Shaun (14) and our soon to be (11) Nikolas.

My sister met up with us on Saturday. She brought along her four grandkids. It is our tradition and all the kids love it.

It is hard to look at this picture knowing that Ava should be a part of this group.
She is never far from my thoughts.

Another one of our traditions is eating birthday dinner at the hibachi grill. Nikolas had lobster. He is the only kid I know that loves seafood at his age. All the other kids ordered chicken. No surprise there! 

What is left of the cake!

After dinner and birthday cake, we took a hike in the nearby woods that are part of the resort.

Who are these kids? The one in front of Marianne is Christopher and the one in front of me is Sophia  whereas to my left is Nikolas, Shaun, Collin and Joseph.

Right to left; Joseph, Christopher, Shaun, Collin, Nikolas and Sophia

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