Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Current Mood

I have to admit I am disappointed in my ex-husband. With all days taken off for other things I do not understand why his son is not on that priority list. It has been more than five months and I understand there will not be a visit until after the New Year. What could be more important? He was always an attentive father so I wonder what or who changed him.

As for myself, I do not care how old they become, I will always be their mother without conditions placed on my love. What or who would never change that. Enough said!

Sadly, my mother still struggles with complications from her original back surgery. She is back in the hospital and had another surgery this afternoon to repair a tear that had her leaking spinal fluid. It has been a month since the original surgery that has resulted in an inability to walk without assistance and two further surgeries. I plan on spending Christmas Eve with both my parents though at this moment I am unsure if it will be at their home or at the hospital.

Christmas Day I will drive out to visit my son.

No one should feel alone at Christmas.

I already celebrated Christmas with my other sons and grandchildren.

Tonight I hope I can sleep but if I struggle with insomnia again tonight at least I know I am off from work the next four days. Insomnia becomes a problem when you have to arise at 5am for work.

Eleven years and two months until retirement at age 67.

Flights, hotels, car rental all booked for the Canada vacation during my grandsons' Spring Break.
Hopefully, things will calm down in the world by then. Nevertheless we will enjoy ourselves on this newest adventure.

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