Thursday, December 03, 2015


Life has been a bit chaotic the last few weeks. It started with the beginnings of decorating for Christmas prior to the Thanksgiving holiday and my mother having major back surgery.

The eve before Thanksgiving Bill and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with a Thanksgiving dinner because I knew I had to be the counselor on site throughout the holiday and holiday weekend. Bill had me covered with flowers, chocolate and wine.

After work on Thanksgiving we visited mom and dad as mom was released from the hospital. When Bill brought in the flowers he purchased for my mom it reminded dad that he also purchased my mom flowers two days ago and left them in the car. Remarkably, the flowers survived and it was just the sort of thing my dad would do. We got a lot of laughter out of that one.

 At mom and dad's we looked at old pictures. This was Christmas 1969 and notice my doll is the same size of my baby brother Frankie.

One of the pictures mom had was of Father Bill our long time family friend and enormous supporter of my son and family during some of our darkness times here with Mother Theresa whom he worked beside throughout the years and who will be canonized a saint next year.

How I shop for Christmas gifts. I am not a fan of crowded crazy stores. The boxes are beginning to arrive.

This is the wedding dress I had made into a communion dress for my goddaughter/niece Nicole. When I married at age 20 my plan was to make my wedding dress into a baptismal dress if I had a daughter. Three sons later and zero daughters, my sister and I had the wedding dress material made for her daughter, my goddaughter's communion dress. I was just told that the tradition will continue as my goddaughter's own daughter's communion dress will be made from the wedding dress of her godmother, my other niece Christine who also had three sons and zero daughters.

 Things went a bit downhill after the holiday as I worked long crazy hours and got word that Aunt Catherine, my father's sister died. As my sister and I were making a plan to travel out to Mount Vernon Iowa for the funeral we received word that surgical complications took my mother back into the hospital and placed in intensive care. The funeral plans were canceled. Here are some pictures of my dad with his sister Catherine.

After all the craziness of the holiday week/weekend and the week after, what should happen next is I picked up a stomach bug from my granddaughter who happened to have the bug at Thanksgiving and after 48 hours of vomiting, I ended up in the emergency for a few doses of the miracle drug Zofran and IV fluids. I also realized that I do not recover as promptly as I use to when I was younger so today I am trying to regain some strength because I really need to get back to work and my own patients.

Sometimes I believe God has a sense of humor and when I do not slow down despite the warning signs, he certainly knows exactly what to do to make me slow down. There is not much that will keep me in bed however a stomach bug lasting more than a couple of days will do it!

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