Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Time Goes By

The trip to Florida was wonderful and the wedding was beautiful. I really loved the relaxed feel of the beach wedding where there were no formalities. As Matron of Honor, I took Missy for a manicure, pedicure and hair appointment. Of course I helped her dress and it felt great to feel "a part of something special". I do not remember the last time I felt that way and it felt really good. I love the west coast of Florida especially the small town of Dunedin. Now I am home after a five day trip and getting ready to transition back to work tomorrow.

Today, I did the laundry including some ironing. I started a new book "The Murder of Jim Fisk" by H.W. Brands after completing the book "Fab, The Life of Paul McCartney" by Howard Sounes while on the return flight home.

I spoke to my son today and he is back to his regular routine attending classes. He sounds well.

I was invited to my niece's son's Holy Communion this Saturday however I declined the invitation as it is my granddaughter's Holy Communion as well though at a different church in a different county in which I was not invited so I opted to spend the day opening my shore house as I know the day will be emotionally painful for me despite my best plans. I could not bring myself to attend someone else's First Holy Communion with the knowledge that my own granddaughter is also making hers on the very same day. I have cards to send and though my family told me to "just show up" at the church, I do not believe that would be in the best interest of the little girl as it should be a happy stressed free day. I guess I could be an onlooker from afar though there are two masses being held that day. My first granddaughter is making her First Holy Communion and I will not be a part of it. I do not know what could feel worst except maybe the fact I do not see her neither. Part of me feels weird even sending a card then I asked myself "Why not?" as she is my flesh and blood no matter what.

I will just have to continue counting the years and hoping I am still alive when she comes of age. If not, I certainly hope she remembers how much I loved and adored her. If she does not remember then I hope she comes across this blog so she could read it for herself. On Saturday, I am going to write a letter to her and post it here for her Communion.

Speaking of granddaughters, Aubree is now four months old and is starting to use her hands to grab onto things and babbles away in her baby language. Her hair is darker than I thought it would be as it is a light brown though I wonder if it will be lighter as the summer months approach. Her eyes are still very blue which means I have three blue eyed grandchildren and one green eyed grandchild. Of course, she is long and will probably be a tall girl as both her parents are tall at 5"10" and 6"2" respectably.

My oldest grandson will be graduating from 8th grade in June and is getting ready for his 8th grade dance. Seriously. How did he get so old?

My youngest grandson will be finishing up the 5th grade and off to middle school in September.

Time does go by quickly.

Florida Day 3 & 4

Monday, April 27, 2015

Florida Day 2 & 3