Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Suggestion

Bill suggested I write a book about some of the less known folks interred in Laurel Hill. He suggested that I do the writing and he does the photography. It is a wonderful idea and I have thought about doing this years ago and even went as far as wrote articles for their newsletter however in all reality I wonder if I would have the time to throw myself in such a project. It will take hours and hours of research before I could even put the words together to write this book. Then there is the creative writing part of all of this. I know that to write creatively one must write when the feeling and flow of words comes over one and with my work schedule I wonder if that would be possible. My counseling profession is very draining and there is often very little free time and that very little free time is when I feel very tired. It would be wonderful of I could take a few months off of work to jump start such a project.

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