Sunday, January 12, 2014

All Over The Place and Counting

I slept a lot yesterday. I also continued with the nightmares. The nightmares came back around the New Year and I do not know what triggered them. Even when I was away in Jim Thorpe, the nightmares came as I slept. The nightmares throw me off balance and I never feel right during the day. This morning I tried to push off the uncomfortable feelings by baking banana bread from scratch. I got out the flour, sugar, baking power, lemon juice, eggs, butter, salt and ripe bananas from my freezer and got down to work. Two loaves are in the freezer and one loaf is on the counter top in the kitchen. When the bananas ripen, I freeze them so I can use them later in cooking. I also have a freezer full of berries of all sorts to be used the same way.

Bill went down to the house in Roxborough to make some repairs before he grocery shopped. I still have some problems with the light though my eye feels a lot better today. I never had a scratched cornea before and I hope I never have another one. Out of everything, the photosensitivity to light is the worse.

Laundry is done. Filets are defrosting for dinner. Baking is complete. I need to occupy my mind for the rest of the day. I started a new book yesterday and read several chapters. I may read more today. I have classes beginning next Friday at Bryn Mawr College for Trauma Informed Care. My place of employment approved my attendance for next ten weeks and will pay me for being off on the Fridays to complete the course. I do not know why I did not pay the tuition yet. I need to pay it tomorrow. There is a conference April 9th in Baltimore Maryland. I will ask my mom if she wants to go on a road trip to keep me company. I can't ask Bill to take off because he will be taking off two weeks beginning the 15th of that month for Ireland.

God, I feel so anxious.

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