Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Week in the Life

I tried to upload this week in pictures without success. I am not sure if I am having a problem with my computer or the site or maybe both. Anyway, the pictures will have to wait.

It has been a busy week. Work. Eye Doctor. Dentist. Eye Doctor. Eye Doctor and Eye Doctor. School. Joshua's Birthday Celebration followed by Marianne's Birthday Celebration followed by a Friends' Get-To-gather.

My job is challenging and never boring. I thought I worked hard in the lab. The lab cannot compare to Therapy. I make an effort to not work overtime. I end up working overtime every time.

Nine days ago I scratched my cornea with mascara. Since the accident, I have been on two different antibiotics and steroids. Four eye appointments later the abrasion is scarring instead of healing so I was sent via emergency to a cornea specialist Friday night. Two days later, the eye still hurts and is still sensitive to light. For the first time since the accident I am considering taking off from work tomorrow.

I am not fond of the dentist but I am fond of how my teeth feel after a cleaning.

I started classes at Bryn Mawr College Friday for Trauma Informed Practice. I should be certified in ten weeks.

Joshua spent the weekend with us and since I will be on-call/on-site next weekend (his actual birthday) we took Josh and Lynee out for lunch and sang Happy Birthday at our home.

That same night, we went to my sister's 50th Birthday party.

After my sister's birthday party, we met up with some childhood friends of mine for a post holiday celebration at Ashburner Inn.

Hopefully, pictures will follow.

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