Friday, April 04, 2014

Another Step Forward

I slept better during the night however I still woke up at 4am. This morning I will return to work. I knew in my heart that if I did not attempt to return to work today, I would probably never return. At this moment I am unsure if I am making the correct decision. Part of me wants to take some time off and look for a different place to practice while the other part of me needs to take that next step forward to some sort of normalcy. What is normal anyway?

Through this entire event I tried to stay on the "high road" despite things I heard or read. Last night I was pretty close to saying "the hell with the high road" and verbally bash some ignorant people. I will not even mention some of the things I read or heard but make no mistake about it, it hurt and angered me. I was ready to use the internet to post some documents (researcher in me) as a way to fight back. At least my husband had some common sense and talked me down from reacting. Make no mistake about it, I will take some sort of action however I will use some common sense and rely on intelligence vs. anger. On the other hand, I may decide some people are not worth it. I believe there will be a book in my future.

In a matter of a few minutes my alarm will go off signaling the beginning of another day. St Ann guide me. St Maximillian guide my son.

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