Thursday, April 03, 2014

Daily Business and Such

Trying to step back into routine life today. Bills were paid via banking online. Laundry completed. Lawyer contacted. Clothes and books sent. Tomorrow I will go back to work. I slept very little last night so I hope I can sleep tonight. I had a long talk with my Dad via phone earlier and another conversation with my sister.

Thinking a lot about the last two weeks. Holding him in my arms. Reaching my hand out to touch his back. Talking. Planning. Talking some more. He and I are both in the process of adjusting to our new roles in day to day life. I am praying to St Ann the patron saint of mothers and grandmothers and St Maximillian of Kolbe patron saint of prisoners.

He is an avid reader so I sent him The Great Gatsby, The Princess Bride, Of Mice & Men and Lord of the Flies. These are classics and he has read these books in the past and worth rereading. I am trying to get some clarification of the 4th book of the Vampire Series. He recently read the first three. There are so many vampire books on amazon that I really need a title. His father is suppose to get back to me. I can't believe how many vampire books with different authors are on the market.

Ironically, there was an article in the news on Saturday about mandatory video cameras placed in interrogation rooms because of the corruption in the city of Philadelphia. I wish they had that law three years ago. At least the problem has been brought out into the light and it will occur. The number of innocent people sitting behind bars is stagnating. I really think the city needs to take a second look at the bonuses detectives receive for every arrest that leads to a conviction and the fact that they are allowed by the supreme court to lie to justify the end result. I am sure that does not help the problem. I personally think it is sad when one's attorney does more investigating than the actual detectives. If you are naïve of the actions/laws, you can become a victim and be railroaded into a conviction. Asking for a lawyer during an interrogation does not mean one will receive a lawyer so video recording will be a good idea. I do not want to become bitter or cynical when it comes to law enforcement because I have family members who were or still are in law enforcement. A few bad apples should not ruin the bunch. Truth be told, I will never again trust a person in law enforcement automatically except my niece's husband. He stopped by the court room several times dressed in his uniform and offered support. I am sure that was not easy. However, it shows character and courage.

I wonder if I will ever trust anyone automatically again.

I wonder about many things.

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