Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Count Down to Ireland

Seven Days, we will embark on our Ireland vacation. Dublin, Donegal and County Mayo will be our home bases. We will fly in and out through Dublin.

I read an article last night about the abuse of overtime in the city of Philadelphia. The news listed 12 top abusers of overtime that exceeded 400,000 dollars. Guess who were in those top 12? Keen Harkins and Petermen. Read fir yourself

I was going to post this article on FB. I decided against it. I do not want to be a "hater". I do not want my sorrow to turn to bitterness. I do not want my tears to turn to anger. I need to be ok with myself and revenge against those who have caused so much grief will hurt my sense of self. I have seen what those emotions can do to a person. I do not want to be one of them. Despite it all, I want to take the high road in life.

I want to tell the details of that night but I cannot allow myself to go back to that. I have been frustrated as I know things and those things will probably be buried forever. I expected the entire truth to come out in court. It did not. A decision was made between the judge and attorneys (DA & Defense) that the focus would be on that day and no other days prior or after. It never made sense to me. I have a story to tell. I do not have an audience interested in listening.

Ireland bound in seven days.

I am going to walk the ground my ancestors walked.

I am going to meet some Donegal relatives.

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