Saturday, April 19, 2014

What I have Learned?

The first born son is not named after the father but the paternal grandfather therefore if this holds true Patrick Gallagher's father was named William. Naming the first born son after the child's father is an American tradition.

Trash is rubbage.

Peas are eaten mashed.

The difference between Irish stew and Shepherd's pie is Irish stew is made with beef from the Hereford cow and Shepherd's pie is made from beef and lamb.

The residents of Ireland are not permitted to drink, buy or sell alcohol on Good Friday.

The Irish have nice teeth.

Dublin is a world away in culture than the Northwest parts of Ireland.

Northwest Ireland sells water in glass bottles, yogurt in  glass bottles and no preservatives.

The food is absolutely delicious.

Bread and jam are common basics.

Rarely see butter.

Apple pie with ice cream and custard is popular.

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