Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gallagher, Adara, Church of the Holy Family

Ardara (Irish: Ard an Rátha, meaning "Height of the Fort") is a small town located in Southwest  County Donegal. The community has a population of 731 (per the 2011 Census). The town has seen some great growth with a lot of the pubs and shops being renovated. Some of the main scenic points near the town are the Maghera Falls and the views out over the Atlantic from Loughros Point.


Church of the Holy Family is the parish of the Gallaghers and we were fortunate enough to meet a Gallagher in the churchyard cemetery who told us the Gallagher clan pronounced "Ga La Her" has been in the town of Adara since its inception which is a very long time since Adara has been around since the middle ages. It is a small textile village surrounded by ocean. I was told our Gallaghers were Fishermen though some did weave.

What struck us the most was the village reminded us of Manayunk where the Gallaghers settled in the USA. Adara has the same type of hills as Manayunk.

And the village is surrounded by the ocean which makes sense as the Gallaghers were fishermen.

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