Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sugar and Salt

The baby shower was a huge success and it was wonderful being with the family. It was especially wonderful to see how happy Josh and Lynee were as they opened their gifts and greeted their guests. The club house in Bucks County overlooked the river and the weather was perfect. I will upload the pictures sometime tomorrow. There were some children in attendance including my great niece Sophia who looked so pretty in her blue dress and pony tail. I watched her play with the other little girls and all I could think of was Ava who is the same age as Sophia and should have been with us on this special day. It angers me that I have not seen my granddaughter in over a year and that she is as much a part of me and my family as her maternal side. Yes. It angers me that she was not in attendance just as it angers me that I have no idea what to buy her for Christmas. It angers me that she will make her First Holy Communion on May 2nd  and we will excluded. My great nephew Joseph will be making his First Holy Communion also on May 2nd and I know I will be invited. I want to see my granddaughter grow up! It really sucks that we do not have contact with her and I am really tired of the silence. It is total bullshit not to mention unfair for her. I do not care what others think of me. Ava should not be punished. Nor should I for that matter. End of story!

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