Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Morning at Dawn

I have been up since 4am and have already had coffee and surf the web. The sun is rising and it is shades of fiery red and orange across the horizon.  I have a lot to do to get ready for the baby shower tomorrow. I am not sure whether or not to put the bassinet together or just wrap it in its box. I have other gifts to wrap as well. I have most of the desserts ready however I feel like I need one more variety to add. I was thinking some mint white bark chocolates. I am sure I will decide when I am out and about this morning running my errands.I am thinking Bill and I will need to drive both our vehicles to carry all the stuff to Bucks County tomorrow for the shower. The baby is due in three weeks and at the last baby check appointment two weeks ago the doctor said she was already a good five pounds.

Bill and I took the day off from work on Monday to celebrate our anniversary. We do not have any plans other than spend the day together. We celebrate eight years of marriage.

Wednesday night we as well as Josh will head out to Harrisburg and spend the night so we can spend the Thanksgiving Day with Joey. I have already decided that Joey will never spend a holiday alone and hopefully his father and I can split the holidays between us so every holiday is covered.

Next Friday night we head to the mountains for Nikolas's birthday weekend at the Woodlands. Saturday night my sister and her family will meet up with us at the Japanese Restaurant (Boys' favorite place to eat)to have a birthday dinner and cake. I am going to have to make a reservation for about twenty people when we get up there.

I began Christmas shopping for the grandsons.

We received word from Bill's older brother that their father was "out of money" and he apparently has been paying his bills via a credit card. I am not sure how long or how much in debt he is I only know that the kids are going to start paying his bills. My father-in-law is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's and though Bill's youngest brother lives with his Dad in Florida, I wonder how long it will be before he will have to have full time care. Needless to say, he can no longer take care of his finances. So on this November morning, I am trying to figure out how we can manage all our financial responsibilities with the usual increases in bills and taking on additional bills. At a time in my life when I look forward to retiring, I am taking on more responsibility instead of less responsibility and I am thinking I will be working until I am dead.

However, I am grateful to be employed. I am sure Bill feels the same way.

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