Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I started a new book a few days ago. it is a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt and so far it is excellent. I do not read too much as in the way of fiction but I love non-fiction especially "anything" based on historical events/people.

I have not decided what is better/worse, emotional females or impulsive males.

I believe in Karma. I really believe what goes around comes around.

I also believe that where we are in life is exactly where we are suppose to be even though it is uncomfortable and we do not understand.

It can be difficult to look at the entire picture in a situation but so very very important to do so or risk tunnel vision.

Most of daily life is gray not black or white.

I feel sorry for those with rigid thinking. Their insides must feel like hell.

I loathe passive aggressive behavior. Been my pet pee as long as I have been an adult.

Most people know what one is all about even though the feeling is never verbalized.

Trust no one. Ever. You will live longer. And happier.

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