Monday, February 16, 2015


The weirdest things come to mind while doing the simplest of things for example eating popcorn and thinking about taking the two younger boys to the orthodontist for braces and spending all those hours/days/weeks sitting in waiting rooms for fittings and checkups and one thing that sticks in my memory is the dental assistant explaining the dangers of eating popcorn while wearing braces. If I remember correctly it had something to do with the popcorn getting stuck between the braces and the gums. I spent a total of five years of weekly orthodontic visits between Josh and Joey. I use to call it the 3,000 dollar smile because at that time braces cost exactly that amount per kid per set of braces. I cannot imagine how much braces must cost today.

As I said it is the weirdest of things that cross one's memory. Maybe, it is because I am getting older. Maybe, it is because I miss those years while the boys were growing up. Small children meant small problems. I wish I did not take things for granted back then but I am sure I am not alone in that department where parents come into play. We are so busy with the hustle of daily living and raising children that we forget to take the time and really enjoy them. I thought I enjoyed their growing up years and I remember thinking about just this while they were growing up however I still wish I took it slower and did not sweat the unimportant things.

Every six months like clock work I took the boys for dental checkups at the pediatric dentist a few blocks from their grade school. I wonder if my own grandchildren visit the dentist as often? In my opinion, taking care of one's teeth is very important for overall health. The first thing I notice in a person is their teeth. I was never fond of the dentist myself so I made especially sure I took very good daily care of my teeth and yes I do visit my dentist. Not to mention, I am a firm believer in flossing. Yes. Every. Blessed. Day. More. Than. Once. A. Day. As a matter of fact, I carry floss in my handbag.

Teeth. It is amazing I can write about teeth.

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