Friday, April 17, 2015

Back Story

There is always a back story and after four years and 95,000 dollars in legal fees and the most horrific anxiety filled sleepless night  I had in a very long time, it has come to a close. Dramatic close.

Agendas. Sadly, I feel as though I was only a witness to a flawed and corrupt judicial system where the only winners are those who work in such a dysfunctional system from the detectives to the DA to the Judge all paid by the taxpayers. The privately hired Defense Attorney and the News's Writer are in a league of their own with outrageously high fees to sensational headliners.

Case in Point,
  •  the police were legally allowed to lie because the means justifies the end.
  •  the DA is not interested in justice but theatrics as to fulfill a desire for a future political office.
  •  the shocked and irate judge who had to save his own public face when the DA decided to grand stand in the court room for the public after making a backroom deal unbeknown to the family .
  • the defense attorney who did not feel it necessary to tell the family what was going on until after the fact. 
  • the News's writer who had absolutely no clue as to the backroom shenanigans or the grand standing court theatrics and goes on to write an article filled with half truths and sensational headlines.

Where is the honesty and integrity in people? I certainly did not witness it.

There is a whole other side to this story. One in which I feel compelled to write about. I was approached about doing an interview. If I decide to decline the interview ( which I probably will) I will eventually write about it because in the end there is a little girl growing up without her father who will one day have to come to terms with all this. 

I also need to check in with my own conscious because I want my motives to be for the truth and not because I want to be revengeful or hurtful. My side of the story should be written without anger.

But right now it is a time to pray for healing. So many people are in pain right now and though there are several stories spinning today there are a few facts that remain; there is a child lost, a child removed, one person holding the (entire) bag and another who simply got away. There are families torn apart. There are families grieving, hurt, angry and wounded.

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