Friday, May 05, 2017

Shore House

I did something different this year. Instead of taking a weekend to open the shore house, I took a week. I have been down here since Monday on my own all by myself scrubbing shopping planting and then treated myself to a day at the spa getting my hair, nails (pedicure & manicure) as well as a massage. I think this has been very therapeutic for me as I am not used to being alone especially alone in a community where it is pitch dark and very quiet at night. Since my shore home is next to the wet lands it gets incredibly dark down here at night. There were a few times I became anxious but nothing I could not manage and last night I slept very well. I will be here until Sunday and Bill will be down late tonight bringing my granddaughter who has been asking to come to the "beach house" for a few weeks now.  Here are some pictures of my week's work down here as well as some views.

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