Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why Did The Gallaghers Leave Adara Donegal Ireland in 1880?

Rural Life

Early 1900's

      Most people lived in countryside
      Many people were poor

      Many were seasonal migrants to Scotland or England
  1. Grace was born in Scotland 1878
  2. Patrick and Hannah Gallagher with their daughter, Grace immigrated to the USA in 1880.

      Many forced to emigrate to USA or UK
      Lived in small, thatched 3-roomed cottages
      Kitchen was main room - open hearth fire
      Very little furniture - wooden tables, chairs and dresser
      Lighting was either oil lamps or candles
      Main fuel was turf or wood
      Cooking done on open fire - iron pots and pans
      No piped water supply - relied on pump or a well
      More prosperous farmers lived in 2 storey houses with slate roofs
      Work was done mainly by hand or with horses
      Women played a very important role
      Cooking, churning, ironing, looking after children and elderly relatives
      Helped at harvest, gathered seaweed

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