Sunday, June 15, 2014

I thought of you last night as I walked along the beach with sand through my toes, wind blowing my hair in every direction and the sound of the waves crashing on the surf. I thought of you as I watched a wedding party placing their feet in the water, a little blond haired girl in a white dress running across the sand giggles filling the air. I thought of you as I watched one of the bridesmaids walk along the surf with a billowing pink dress swirling around her in the wind. I thought of you as I watched the sun go down with magnificent power only the heavens can provide.

You always loved the beach. If you could be anywhere in the world you would always chose a beach.

As I walked along that beach last night I thought about how wonderful and sorrowful life can be at the same time. I wonder if things have to be that way in order to keep us humble. When you are young you take so much for granted and waste time in the process. That changes when you grow older especially when faced with adversity. Things that seemed so important in the past are not so important in the present.

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