Friday, October 17, 2014

Another Step Forward

After work today we will drive to the shore house and begin the process of closing down the house for the winter. The goal is to have the house closed by next Sunday. Most weekends in November are already booked with events. There are a few concerts, a baby shower and a weekend getaway to the mountains for Nikolas's 10th birthday already planned. This will be the third year in a row we celebrated Nikolas's birthday at the same resort in the mountains. The boys really enjoy going to the resort especially eating at the Hibachi Grill Restaurant. In addition to the pool and hot tub, we love to hike through the paths in the woods. Nikolas will also be walking in this year's Thanksgiving Parade with the Cub Scouts.

After a difficult week, I made a decision last night to #1 delete numbers from my cell phone #2 close down FB #1  helps me to let go and be less impulsive #2 allows me to read more books and play less games. It is time to cease the battle within my brain and move forward in different aspects of my life.

Having intelligence is a double edge sword. School was never difficult and having the ability to conceptualize has lead to a successful career however the mind never stops. It over thinks. And over thinks. And for God sake over freaking thinks. No wonder there is a saying "ignorance is bliss"!

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