Saturday, October 11, 2014

Letters To Ava

Dear Ava,

Pop Pop Bill and I just spent a wonderful week exploring various historical sites in some of the New England States with a concentration in the states of Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.  There are two things that I like the most, travelling and history. I have a "bucket list" of places I want to see and cultures I want to experience before I leave this earth. I made a decision a year ago that the months of exploring and travel will be in April and October. I am a planner therefore my mind is always searching out the next place and I spend the six months prior researching places and prices and saving to go see and experience these places. I never go on tours because tours take one to tourist traps especially in other countries so we fly then rent a car so we can explore how people live, what they eat and at a pace in which we choose to travel. Granted we may take a tour of a historical house like some of the houses in Newport Rhode Island, however, we only do that if it is the only way to see a place otherwise we research and read as we go.

Out of all the places we visited this past week, I found myself in love with the beauty of Newport Rhode Island not because there are ostentatious Vanderbilt mansions but because the waves crash up along the cliffs and spray their water high up in the air. I love the sound of the ocean, the smell of salt air and I am in awe of its power and beauty. Pop Pop Bill refers to me as an Island Girl because I seek solace in the ocean.

I really enjoyed touring Hyde Park particularly Franklin D Roosevelt's house. Though the Roosevelts were wealthy they were not ostentatious like the Vanderbilts and they had a home which was "lived in". They were down to earth people and as you take American History classes in school, you will learn about the extraordinary things the Roosevelts did for this country. I never knew that it was Franklin Roosevelt that started the March of Dimes and facilitated the events that resulted in Salk discovering the vaccine for polio therefore eradicating polio from our country and throughout the world. Pretty amazing stuff to say the least. The man was more than World War II or the New Deal.

Anyway, I saw your father yesterday and we had a nice three hour visit. He looks and sounds well. I am glad he is accepting advice and focusing on exercising his mind and body. He reads a lot of books and I know this because I am the one who ships the books and I generally send between seven to ten books a shipment. He realizes he is fortunate to have a supportive family and there are many others who do not have support so he shares his books once he reads them. I am glad he hands them out because it is always important to "give back" no matter what the situation. I try to do my part by shipping the big books of NA and AA and other such daily readers to those incarcerated who want them. It is not much but it is something. Your father always "worked out" on a daily basis and continues to do so. Exercise is good for one's physical and emotional health. He has been attending mass every week as well. I am glad he has reconnected with his childhood Catholic faith and believes in a higher power.

At some point in the near future I will open up a private fund for you to access when you become of age. I sent a backpack on behalf of your father and a small collection of Wizard of Oz dolls. I hope you received them. I did not realize until yesterday how much your absence affected my own father.He misses you. We love you, Ava. I hope you know that.

Mom Mom

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