Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Eve Before

We are here safely tucked away in our Hotel suite. We were surprised that we did not encounter any traffic and my guess is the threat of bad weather on the busiest travel day of the year resulted in many travelers to leave earlier than usual to avoid the impending bad weather. First of all, the bad weather predicted never happened and it appeared to me the " storm" wimped out in a huge way. It has been a very long time since I traveled with Joshua and it has been an adventure thus far. The adventure began in route to work this morning when I drove up Bells Mill Road and watched as the driver side windshield wiper blew off in the middle of pouring down rain. I have no idea where the windshield wiper landed and I prayed it did not land "smack" on the car behind me. I made it to work and wondered "what the hell am I going to do now"? It is the day before a major holiday with a snow storm on the way and a few hours before I was to travel out west via the same vehicle. I called auto zone asked my boss if I could leave work early drove in the poor weather to the auto zone and stood in line behind others who apparently lost a windshield wiper in the rainy weather too. Really? Is that even possible? Not to mention I needed someone to install the wiper because # 1, I know zero about anything called cars and # 2,II still know zero about cars. So I paid my whole nine bucks and waited behind one other person until the new wiper was snapped in place. It took a total of five minutes. 

I picked Joshua up at the train station and we stopped to get the best roast beef sandwich this side of town at the Ale House before we stopped at my house, made a second stop at Starbucks for French Vanilla and a Peppermint Mocha before we ventured onto the turnpike that directed us to Harrisburg. Less than two hours later, we arrived at our destination where we checked into our two story suite. Josh stated he felt like he was on vacation and for myself I am enjoying this special time with my second oldest son who is two months away from celebrating his 33rd birthday and three weeks away from becoming a first time father to a baby daughter.

We are here to spend tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day with Joey. 

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