Monday, December 29, 2014

Holidays and More

Despite all the ups and downs, responsibilities of home and work and the arrival of a new grandchild, the Christmas holidays turned out to be a happy festive time where I found myself laughing and feeling at peace for the first time in several years.

December 21st, I welcomed my fourth grandchild into this world when my granddaughter Aubree was born. At 6lbs 11oz with those dark blue eyes babies are born with and the blond hair which is common in my family, she came into this world making my second born son a first time father. There was a time I never thought Joshua would be a Dad as he battled his own demons and never seemed to  want to settle down until he met Lynee more than seven years ago. As a mother, it is wonderful to watch your own child parent their own child. Joshua is so gentle with his daughter and from what I witnessed thus far, I believe he will make a wonderful father. As for myself, Aubree is my second granddaughter and another chance to do it right. My fallout with my first granddaughter's mother has taught me some very tough lessons. Though I doubt I could have ever foreseen the issues that would lead to that fallout at least I could have set some boundaries in the process that may have protected feelings. I am in love with Aubree as I was with Ava for I remember that feeling so well. One day I hope to be reconnected with Ava for I love and miss her very much.

Christmas Eve was once again held at my home though on a smaller scale. My parents, sister and her husband as well as Shaun and his family were in attendance. Bill's brother John stopped over bringing his girlfriend and another friend who has no family to celebrate the holiday. I had to work on Christmas Eve so all the food was catered. I love the roast beef at the Old Ale House therefore I had them cater the roast beef, rolls and gravy. I laughed a lot that evening. As a matter of fact, I laughed so hard my belly hurt. It has been a long time since I laughed that hard and it felt so very good.

It felt good to see my oldest son Shaun looking so healthy and happy. Rita seems good for him though it felt strange to be celebrating a holiday for the first year without Trish. It has been years since I seen Shaun so happy and I am grateful he found peace once again. My grandsons Shaun and Nikolas also seen happier and healthier. Sometimes marriages do not work out despite it all.

Christmas Day, Bill & I drove out to Harrisburg and visited my youngest son early in the morning. We spent a good four hours with Joe and he looks really well. Afterwards, we drove to Northeast Philadelphia to spend the day at my niece Chrissy's house where many family members gathered for Christmas cheer and my first taste of a "fireball".  Despite the lack of sleep and feeling extremely tired, I laughed again.

The day after Christmas, we brought Aubree home from the Hospital and introduced her to her nursery that is decorated in pink, wine, white and black colors. The nursery is filled with bunnies, Minnie mouse and frozen characters. I brought a tray of roast beef to their house and I held that little darling in my arms and kissed her little face.

Then came the weekend and I was the counselor on site for both Saturday and Sunday in addition to teaching a class on the brain specifically the brain's chemistry on those two days.

Today, I have the day off and I plan to shop for new blinds and curtains for Aubree's nursery as the current blinds need replacing and Bill & I offered to supply them. At some point, we will drop them off at Lynee and Joshua's house.

I will be working the rest of the week including New Years Day which is perfectly find with me as Saturday I will be leaving for a week long road trip to North Carolina and Tennessee with my mother and sister. We plan to spend a couple of days in Gatlinburg, and Knoxville visiting my brother before driving and spending a few days in Nashville then driving across the state and traveling up the east coast of North Carolina where we plan to stop off in Washington, North Carolina to visit my sister-in-law. My sister, mother and I try to take a yearly vacation together. In the past years, we have traveled to Italy, California, Piney Point Maryland as well as the mountains in the Poconos. We already have a trip to Portugal in the works for next year.

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