Saturday, March 28, 2015


I am beginning to think there is some sort of correlation behind sleepless nights and impending doom. Last night, I had a restless night and this morning I received a call that my husband's younger brother had a heart attack and an emergency cardiac catheterization during the night. They found two blockages behind the back of his heart that would never show up on an EKG. He went to work as usual yesterday morning and called his finance stating he felt nauseous and weak but had to set up a home show in New Jersey. As the day went on he began to get chest pains and took self to the emergency room. He is resting comfortably this evening in ICU and there is no damage to the heart.
We joked with John and Missy today telling them John would do anything even have a heart attack to avoid getting married next month on a Florida beach in which I am standing for Missy as her Matron of Honor.

Saturday = errands and today we hit Walmart in King of Prussia to look at grills then over to Trader Joe's then a stop for wine at the Wine & Spirits store before we headed back home. Tomorrow we will hit BJ's before heading down to visit Aubree. I have to get my Aubree time in because next weekend I will be in Washington D.C. with Shaun & Nikolas and then the weekend after I will be the counselor on site at work.

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