Monday, March 09, 2015

Where I Am Out

For the most part I practiced what I learned in the work shop on self care today. I did workout before I went to work and again when I came home. They were short 10 min workouts as instructed. The goal is three of those short workouts a day. Somehow I need to manage taking the time in the middle of my workday though I find myself working at such a quick pace the time flies and before I realize it I have not taken the mid day workout. I did walk a lot today including several sets of stairs several times. I practiced deep breathing especially when we had to do room searches and administratively discharge some folks and with a case load of 12 (should have 8) I felt myself slowly getting behind on assessments and individual counseling sessions though I did manage to complete a few discharges that are coming up.

I ate especially healthy. I had the usual cheerios but without the banana since the ones I have are too green for breakfast followed by a clementine. Mid morning, I had some nuts and dried cranberries. Lunch I had a salad with grilled chicken. Mid afternoon I ate an apple. Dinner was another salad without meat but I had cashews. Plenty of water. No wine. Debating on whether or not I want a cup of tea.

I prefer to journal in the morning however I ran out of time this morning so evening writing it is. I finished my 85 chapter book called the "White Princess" based on Henry VII. I have a few shorter books I can read though I want to buy Johnstown Flood to read. I may wait and get it via book club. I have some books on my Amazon wish list.

I am making a plan to go to London next April. I thought about going this October but it rains a lot in October so April 2016 is the plan. There is so much to see in London that I believe it will take up the entire vacation week. I really want to see other parts of England as well as Wales and Scotland. We would need three weeks to do all that traveling and it is impossible to take that much time off from work at once. I would really like to take my grandson Shaun. He had a wonderful time when we went to Ireland and he kept up with us criss crossing that country. He enjoyed all the history and was not afraid to try new things. I would like to take Nikolas on such an adventure however he does not have the same interest and it is difficult for him to be away from his mother that long. He does well with a weekend trip though at times he rather stay in the hotel room instead of traveling outdoors and though I make him go out and he may complain about it at first he generally enjoys himself. I just do not know how well he would take going to Europe since it is usually a nine day trip and we are on the go constantly exploring everything. I was  considering trying out a mini trip with him such as four or five days and I was thinking of Canada. It is out of the country but not too far away. I always wanted to see Niagara Falls and stay on the Canadian side. I already looked at resorts on the falls that have things for a kid. I have a feeling that he will not go without his brother.

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