Monday, April 20, 2015

Day Four

Of my novena to Mary, Queen of Hearts for healing. I had asked 81 others to join me in this novena of healing because I believe prayer as a unit is powerful. I am not praying for myself but everyone involved over the last four years. Of course, I want to heal however it is important to me that everyone begin to heal.

I had mentioned earlier that the night before the final court date, I had severe anxiety and could not for the life of me sleep. I could not wait for the darkness to end and light of dawn to appear. I finally gave up, got dressed and went into work by 6a and remained in work until it was time to go to court. Working is good for me. I cannot think about anything else but the person in front of me and I am grateful I do work that I enjoy.

The novena is for nine days which means I will continue saying it even as I fly down to Florida on Thursday for a long weekend. My brother-in-law is getting married on the beach Saturday and I am Matron of Honor for my future sister-in-law. My parents are already down in Florida and Thursday is my Dad's birthday so we are taking Dad out to eat Thursday night to celebrate.

I cannot wait to hit Clearwater Beach and feel the sand beneath my toes and sun in my face.

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