Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

It has been a very pleasant Mother's Day so far starting with coffee this morning with my sister at my shore house then a wonderfully cooked breakfast from Bill, three phone calls and text messages from my sons, spoke to my mom via FB as she is in route home from California, FB posts from my niece Nicole and text messages from my other niece Chrissy.

This is my second year in Cape May. It is a wonderful place to escape on weekends and the last two weekends we have been busy opening up the house. I figure we need one more weekend and it will be cleaned and organized inside and out for the remainder of the spring, summer and into the fall months. We have a new sofa and gas grill. We have been looking for a comfy chair and new end/coffee table/s.  We replaced the outside screen room furniture cushions and repaired a hole in the siding where a critter most likely (raccoon) came to seek the warmth under the house during the cold winter months. He has been officially evicted!

As a mother who has been challenged in all things (mother) the last few years can honestly sit here today and say all three are OK at this moment. Shaun is in a new relationship. Joshua is a new father of a little girl. Joseph has completed a TC Program and has recently been hired as an Addiction Peer Counselor. All three appear OK with the world today and for that reason alone, I am grateful. It has not been easy. As a matter of fact, It was awful.

However, I am going to stay in the day and be blessed.

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