Monday, August 24, 2015

Eight Months Old

What can I say about Aubree? She is a darling little girl who is always smiling, easy going, pleasant, sweet. She is a really good baby, easy to take care of, does not fuss or whine. She has an amazing smile that lights up the mood of the grumpiest person in the room. At eight months old, she is practicing using a training cup, sits up, has three lower bottom teeth, tries to crawl however has no problem getting around a room. If she wants to be somewhere she rolls over until she gets to her destination.  She pulls herself up especially when sitting in her walker. She has brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes.

Her favorite food is yogurt for babies especially the peach and strawberry. She loves bananas in her oatmeal and this week began saying Da Da Da Ma Ma Ma and Ba Ba Ba, apparently the most important words in her vocabulary.

She loves music especially the Three Little Kittens and anything her Pop Pop Bill will play on the guitar and/or piano.

I love to sit and watch her play and I often wonder what sort of thoughts are occurring in her wee little head.

Aubree is a gift from God. I believe God chose to send her to earth and into my family at the exact time we all needed to have her. She has filled our family with love and joy and gave us all a fun future to look forward to. I love her more than words can say.

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