Saturday, April 16, 2016

Where I Am At These Days

It seems I do not always have enough time to sit and write these days let alone write about genealogy. It seems one day falls into the next day and before I know it the week has passed and even though I still travel about and snap pictures and make a list of what I need to research, I am either too busy or too tired to do so. Anyway, I have some things on my agenda that I hope to get to in the near future after of course I pay the taxes and figure out the insurance policies for the houses, clean the house, do the shopping, play with the grandkids, visit the children, call the parents and do that thing called "working" a 40 plus hour week every week.

Women's lib is overrated!

I finished a book this week called "The Graves are Walking" by John Kelly about the Irish Famine. I started a new book last night called "The Vatican Princess" by C.W. Gorton which was recommended to me by my niece Chrissy who is also an avid reader like myself. Actually, both my nieces Chrissy and Nicole are avid readers.

Today, Bill and I took a ride to New Hope and on the way got side tracked in Doylestown. We like to explore and it does not take much for us to become side tracked. It could be a beautiful garden, an old house, a barn or some livestock. We passed a sheep and horse farm and of course stopped at an interesting castle known as Fonthill. As we drove closer to New Hope, we stopped at an old mill and finally made it to new Hope where we parked, walked, ate lunch and people watched. New Hope on a sunny warm spring day brings out all types of characters. Tomorrow we will go to Shaun's house for a cake for his birthday which is officially Monday the 18th. Shaun will be celebrating his 38th birthday. Holy Cow! Next weekend, we are planning to drive out and visit Joey. I see Josh nearly everyday and I spend lots of time with Aubree. She is just so cute and what a personality!

I have not seen my grandsons since we were in Canada but I will see them tomorrow. As far as Ava, I have to be satisfied with old pictures........

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